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Top 10 Dangerous Countries For Women


That’s really shameful. isn’t it?

The Human Lens

In times where #MeToo, #TimesUp, #BelieveWomen have taken off in many parts of the world, many women have pushed forward despite opposition against different types of sexual harassment and crimes that impede their progress and growth as global citizens.

According to this recent survey, the top ten countries considered most dangerous for women include

  1. India

  2. Afghanistan

  3. Syria

  4. Somalia

  5. Saudi Arabia

  6. Pakistan

  7. DRC

  8. Yemen

  9. Nigeria

  10. United States

The US is the only developed nation that has made it on this list, no surprises as women living in America are at high risk of sexual violence, harassment and being coerced into sex. Whereas India tops the global rankling of being the most dangerous country for women.

Among others, in the top 10 cluster is made up of Indo-Arab-African nations where ‘female-unfriendliness’ is an accepted part of majority populations and anti women tribal customs and feudalism.

Apart US, many countries in the top…

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