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Does cashless economy possible (feasible)?

Last week me and my friend went to one of the restaurant (sugar n’ spice) in Surat and surprise to see board of “We do not accept credit / debit cards”!

We discuss this issue with some of our friends. We got shocked after hearing that there are many such places in Surat (and may be in India as well) where merchants believe in such practices. We even ask for any other mode of payment but they said we only accept cash! Banks (may be RBI or Govt. of India) are not providing enough cash and they trying to promote cashless economy but such people are not helping due to some limitations from their side. I have also heard from some merchants that they have already applied for POS but banks are not providing it (even some of them have applied before 8th November!). I don’t understand who is responsible for all these problems of common man or law abiding citizens. I believe that this government is trying to build a house of cards in very windy atmosphere and one day it’ll fell to a ground with the trust of all the citizens of India. Let’s pray for innocent citizens who dies everyday because of our dirty politics.


Hadoop 1.2.1 Installation and Configuration on Single Node

I have experienced difficulties in installing and configuring Hadoop so I want to make one easy guide for installation and configuration of Hadoop 1x. I am assuming that readers have a knowledge of basic Linux commands so i am not going to explain those commands in deep.

I have used Hadoop-1.2.1, jdk-7 and Ubuntu(Linux) in our setup.

Install SSH:

  • We require SSH for remote login to different machines for Map Reduce task to run on Hadoop cluster


  • sudo apt-get update
    • updates list of packages
  • sudo apt-get install openssh-server
    • Installs OpenSSH Server

Generate Keys:

  • Hadoop logged in to remote machines many times while running a Map Reduce task. Therefore, we need to make password less entry for Hadoop to all the nodes in our cluster.


  • ssh
    • in write your system’s host name. It asks for password
  • ssh-keygen
    • generates SSH Keys
    • no need to write anything simply press enter as we want to use default settings
    • no need to write anything simply press enter as we want to use default settings
  • cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    • Copy key to authorized keys to make password less entry for user
  • ssh
    • Now it should not ask for password

Install Java

  • I prefer offline Java installation. So I have already downloaded Java tar ball and place it in my Downloads directory


  • sudo mkdir -p /usr/lib/jvm/
    • create directory for Java
  • sudo tar xvf ~/Downloads/jdk-7u67-linux-x64.tar.gz -C /usr/lib/jvm
    • extract and copy content of Java tar ball to Java directory
  • cd /usr/lib/jvm
    • go to Java directory
  • sudo ln -s jdk1.7.0_67 java-1.7.0-sun-amd64
    • generate symbolic link to jdk directory which will be used in Hadoop configuration
  • sudo update-alternatives –config java
    • checking and setting Java alternatives
  • sudo nano $HOME/.bashrc
    • setting Java path. Add following two lines at the end of this file
      • export JAVA_HOME=”/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0_67″
      • export PATH=”$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin”
  • exec bash
    • restarts bash(terminal)
  • java
    • it should not show command not found error!

Install Hadoop:

  • First we need to download required tar ball of Hadoop and place it in to home directory.


  • sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/hadoop/
    • create Hadoop directory
  • sudo tar xvf ~/hadoop-1.2.1-bin.tar.gz
  • sudo cp ~/hadoop-1.2.1/* /usr/local/hadoop
    • extract and copy Hadoop files from tar ball to Hadoop directory
  • sudo nano $HOME/.bashrc
    • setting Hadoop path. Add following lines at the end of this file
      • export HADOOP_PREFIX=/usr/local/hadoop
      • export PATH=$PATH:$HADOOP_PREFIX/bin
  • exec bash
    • restarts bash(terminal)
  • hadoop
    • it should not show command not found error!

Configuration of Hadoop

  • We are setting some environment variables and changing some configuration file according to our cluster setup.


  • cd /usr/local/hadoop/conf
    • go to configuration directory of Hadoop
  • sudo nano
    • open environment variable file and add following two lines at its respective place in file. They are already available in file with some different values so keep it as it is and add this lines after it respectively
      • export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-sun-amd64
      • export
  • sudo nano core-site.xml
    • open HDFS configuration file and set name server address and tmp dir value. you have to use your hostname instead of “coed161″
  • sudo nano mapred-site.xml
    • Open Map Reduce configuration file and set job tracker value. you have to write your host name instead of “coed161″mapred.job.tracker
  • sudo mkdir /usr/local/hadoop/tmp
    • create tmp directory to store all files on data node
  • sudo chown /usr/local/hadoop/tmp
    • change owner of the directory to avoid access control issues. write your username instead of
  • sudo chown /usr/local/hadoop
    • change owner of the directory to avoid access control issues. write your username instead of

Format DFS (skip this step if you are going for Multi-Node setup):

  • Now we are ready to format our Distributed File System (DFS)


  • hadoop namenode -format
    • Check for the message “namenode successfully formatted”

Start all process:

  • We are ready to start our hadoop cluster (though only single node)


    • to start all (name node, secondary name node, data node, job tracker, task tracker)
  • jps
    • to check whether all services (i.e. name node, secondary name node, data node, job tracker, task tracker) started or not

To check cluster details on web interface:

Stop all processes:

  • If you want to stop (shut down) all your Hadoop cluster services



For any queries you can write in a comment or mail me at: “”

Courtesy: Mr. Anand Kumar, NIT, Trichy

1000 का नोट बंद करके 2000 का नोट शुरू करने से काला धन और भ्रष्टाचार बढ़ेगा

you may not agree with whole speech but you have to agree with tagline, isn’t it?


There is happiness in darkness too

Very short and simple but inspiring story

My Shadowflowers I എന്റെ നിഴല്‍പ്പൂക്കള്‍

It happened to write about this during one of my train journeys. I work in chennai and so live in chennai. And I visit my native once in 2 months if I am lucky enough to get leaves. So I usually depends on train to travel. Most probably I will be reaching central station couple of hours earlier to assure my seats in genaral compartments. Once I won the war for seat, the next question is “how to kill your time?”.

Yeh, there is almost 4 hours left for the train to start. So what I do is I take a left, then right and straight from the central station. This road leads you to MORE market. I trully don’t know why people named it MORE. May be because there you get some categorised items in any price. Mostly books, electronic equipments, old coins or other kinda instruments section..the list goes…

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Traditional garba at Vagheshwari Chowk

Watch Traditional garba at vagheshwari Chowk.

Video Courtesy: Abhijeet Mehta

मेरा देश बदल रहा है – मेरा सैंया बदल रहा है :)

Dr.Hansal Bhachech's Blog

ભાવતા ભોજનનો પણ જયારે અતિરેક થઇ જાય ત્યારે પેટમાં આફરો ચઢી જાય. આજકાલ ‘મેરા દેશ બદલ રહા હૈ’ નો આફરો તો  કાનમાં ચઢી ગયો છે, અવળો ગેસ ચઢેને એમ 🙂

છેલ્લા અઠવાડિયાથી રેડીઓ સ્ટેશનોએ ‘મેરા દેશ બદલ રહા હૈ’ વગાડીને મગજ કાણું કર્યું’તુ અને એમાં એક કપલના કાઉન્સેલીંગ દરમ્યાન પતિનો મોબાઈલ રણક્યો. હવે એની રીંગ ટોન પણ ‘મેરા દેશ બદલ રહા હૈ’!!

પછી તો, એમની જ સમસ્યા ઉપરથી રાત્રે પેરોડી ગીત લખાઈ ગયું।
લ્યો તમે’ય મમળાવો ત્યારે, કદાચ આફરો ઉતરી જાય…

देखो घर से खिल कर रोज़ निकल रहा है

ख़यालों में किसी के अब ऊंचा उड़ रहा है

मेरा सैंया बदल रहा है, कहीं और लटक रहा है

चहेरे पर मुँहासा रोशन सा हो रहा है

वोर्डरोब से रोज कुछ नया निकल रहा है

शरीर के हर कोने में डीओ उड़ रहा है

घंटा शीशे के सामने बिताए जा रहा है

मेरा सैंया बदल रहा है, कहीं और लटक रहा है


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Privacy Preserving Unstructured Big Data Analytics: Issues and Challenges

I am very excited to announce that my first PhD research paper titled, “Privacy Preserving Unstructured Big Data Analytics: Issues and Challenges,” got published in Elsevier procedia computer science. Though it is very basic and short, survey kind of a paper, but anything happens first time, is always very special. isn’t it? Please read it and provide your valuable suggestions.

Hope to get many more publications with the support and blessings of all dear ones.

You may also find our other research articles here

Thanks 🙂

Great offer from jugnoo autos

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One of the best website to find almost all colleges and universities in India

In 2003, when i finished my school, i didn’t know where to get admission and which are the best colleges for engineering. The scenario at that time was a little different as limited number of colleges are there, but today we are having so many colleges, which makes student and parents life difficult. I came across a very useful website “” for all who wants to know about various colleges and universities across India.

This website provide information about various colleges and universities as well as about various competitive exams. They are also giving ratings to these colleges and universities based on user review which might be helpful to students who want to take admission and their parents. Here is the list of top universities in India, user may also filter out these universities colleges as per his/her choice. User may also give feedback about his/her institute on this website and earn some cash back for it. I suggest everyone to visit this website at least once before taking admission in any college or university.

I also found one of the very interesting article on “facts about Indian education“. It highlights many issues with Indian education system in humorous manner.

Are we living in democracy or dictatorship?

Government of Gujarat has blocked Mobile Internet as well as SMS services of state due to patidar anamat andolan! I don’t understand this approach of government. I mean few people are fighting for their rights and government make everyone suffer for that!

We all know that internet and SMS are the basic need of human being now a days. Let me give you few example to explain it,

  • You are in stock market trading business and having mobile internet for your online trading
  • You are having CCTV at your shop and monitoring it on your mobile via mobile internet
  • You want to make some online transaction (i.e. payment for your bills), waiting for OTP (LOL!!!)

This is ridiculous. I hope that people of Gujarat starts new andolan for Internet!

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