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Alternate blog address

I started my journey as a blogger eight years back in 2009. My first blog address was with “blogger (”, a blog service from Google where I posted 11 articles. After few years precisely in 2012, I came across another blog service provider “WordPress “. I found WordPress more user-friendly than blogger and posted 536 articles including reblogged in five years! Every time I check the stats of my blog, I feel good with the progress I made in these years, in terms of page view and followers; all thanks to “”. It is very easy to automatically share your article on WordPress to many social media platforms. I am very much thankful to all my readers who continuously supported me. Recently, I had a discussion on revenue generation from blog with my multi-talented brother and one of my friend who is working on digital marketing. They advise me to buy a personal domain so that I can register my website on Google AdSense and generate some revenue out of it. But I argue that I can not be consistent enough to generate sufficient traffic for my website and may end up paying domain charges without generating any revenue. So I decided to return to “blogspot” because it provides me to link my AdSense account even without custom domain. However, I don’t want to leave my WordPress readers as well. Finally I came up with an idea of posting same article on both blog sites and analyse traffic  for the same which will help me to take decision in long run.

I really need advise from senior bloggers. So I request you to provide your valuable suggestions in comments of mail me at


Best way to contact people on Mobile phones

Mobile phones become a basic requirement of any human being specially in country like India. More than 50% of people has more than 1 connection (thanks to Jio 😉 ). Two generations of Ambanis’ have literally revolutionized the telecommunication industry. Dhirubhai came with an idea of ‘everyone must have mobile phone’ and Mukeshbhai came with an idea of ‘everyone must have Internet connection on their mobile phone’.  Everyone has mobile and data connection so they start believing that “I can connect to anyone at anytime”. Isn’t it? That’s the time when people like me sounds annoying to them.

I believe that every time it’s not necessary to receive all the calls on your mobile. Mostly, people involved in academia faces this type of problem because they can’t receive calls during their lectures. In a free calling era, many people call you for passing their free time, which you don’t have so avoiding such people during working hours is a good practice. I also have habit (good or bad) of not responding to calls when I am working on something or having some discussion because it creates distraction in your current work. In US and other developed countries, voice mail service is available with all telecom operators so you can record your message if other person don’t want to talk at that time. By this way you can convey your message to other person without disturbing him. In India, we also have such system but very few people are aware of it so it’s useless to subscribe for such services (I already tried it).

We still have SMS, which is now free (again thanks to Jio). Hence, if someone is not replying to your call, you should send a reason of calling via SMS. It may possible that after reading the message that person may call you back. Don’t forget to write your name at the end of SMS. I don’t know this trick works with how many people but I assure that it will work with me! 😉


P.S. This article is inspired from the article titled, ‘How do you manage communication channels?‘, written by one of my blogger friend, Pratik Akkawar.

Should there be any restriction on length of advertisement on TV, radio, and Cinemas?

While watching our favorite show on TV or listening our favorite program in radio, we find annoying and lengthy advertisements. The more popular a show become, the more advertisements it fetch. I agree that producer need to earn lot of money through advertisements only but still there should be some restriction on length of advertisements. Isn’t it?

Advertisements are the largest source of income for TV and radio and they can show it in between the show but what about cinemas? Why are they showing approximately 30 minuets of advertisement during interval? I mean we are paying to cinemas in terms of movie tickets then why they need to show these many advertisements? Initially they were showing advertisements before starting the movie so people like me use to go late to cinemas but now they are showing it at the time of interval. So we have no way out!

I personally believe that there should be some restriction on total length of advertisements and hope my message reaches to concern authority.

P.S. I have few friends who by mistake become engineer instead of lawyer. So I request them to not advise on this issue. Thanks

સેવા પરમો ધર્મ…

વિચારોની હેરાફેરી (Exchange Of Thoughts)

તારીખ: ૨૫ સપ્ટેમ્બર ૨૦૧૭

“कर्मणये वाधिकारस्ते मां फलेषु कदाचन । मां कर्मफलहेतुर्भू: मांते संङगोस्त्वकर्मणि” ।।

સહુ ભક્તોને નવલા નોરતા ના જય અમ્બે…

નવરાત્રી ચાલુ છે અને ગીતા ના શ્લોક લખુ એ થોડુ અજુક્તુ લાગે પરંતુ આજે મારે વાતજ કાંઇક એવી કરવી છે. નવરાત્રી એટલે હોમ-હવન અને પૂજાપાઠ નો તહેવાર, પણ આજે એનો અર્થ કાંઇક અલગજ થઇ ગયો છે. એ બધી વસ્તુ માં મારે અત્યારે ઉંડુ નથી ઉતરવુ.

હું આજે તમને અમારા ગામ એટલકે ઐતીહાસીક શહેર વઢવાણની વાત કરવા જઇ રહ્યો છુંં. પાર્ટીપ્લોટ અને સંગીત ના જુમબરાબરજુમ વચ્ચે અમારુ ગામ એવુ છે જ્યાં આજે પણ શેરી ગરબી ખુબજ હોંશ થી થાય છે. શેરી ગરબી ની અમુક ખાસીયત હોય છે જેમ કે…..અહીં દરેક વ્યક્તી પોતાની મરજીથી કામ કરતો હોય, જેમ કે કોઇ ગરબા ગવડાવતુ હોય તો એના બદલા માં કોઇ ભેટ સોગાદ ના મળતી હોય, એવીજ રીતે લાઇટનું ડેકોરેશન કે ઇન્સટ્રુમેન્ટ વગાડવા વાળાને પણ કાંઇ ન મળતુ હોય છતાંય એ દરેક વ્યક્તી…

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વિચારોની હેરાફેરી (Exchange Of Thoughts)

તારીખ: ૧૫ સપ્ટેમ્બર ૨૦૧૭

બધુ ભુલાય પણ આજ નો દિવસ ના ભુલાય, ૧૫ સપ્ટેમ્બર….એન્જીનીયર’સ ડે. આજેએન્જીનીયર નામ ખુબજ નોર્મલ થઇ ગયુ છે, ઘણા તોએન્જીનીયરની ખુબજ મજાક ઉડાવતા હોય જેમ કે જે કાઇ ના કરે એએન્જીનીયરીંગ કરે”પણ ૧૮૮૩ કે જે જમાનામાંએન્જીનીયરશબ્દથી પણ લોકો પરીચીત ન હતા ત્યારે સર એમ. વિશવેશ્વરૈયા એ એન્જીનીયરીંગ કર્યુ અને ખુબજ ઉંચા કાર્યો કરીને એન્જીનીયર નીએક અલગજ ઓળખ ઉભી કરી.

ભારત દેશ ધીરે-ધીરે પ્રગતી કરી રહ્યો હતો અને આઇ.આઇ.ટી અને આઇ.આઇ.એસ.સી જેવી સંસ્થાઓ ની સ્થાપના થય અને ભારત માં એન્જીનીયરીંગ શરુઆત થય. પણ આજે પરીસ્થીતી કાઇક અલગજ છે. એક જમાનો હતો જ્યારે “જે કામ કોઇ ના કરી શકે એ એન્જીનીયર કરી દે” એવુ કહેવાતુ અને આજે એવુ થઇ ગયુ છે કે “જે બધુજ કરી શકે એન્જીનીયર.”

આમ જોઇએ તો આ વાત પોઝીટીવ છે પરંતુ બીજી દ્રષ્ટીથી જોઇએ તો આ વાત પોતાના પ્રોફેશન થી છુટુ પડવાની છે. આજે ઘણા એન્જીનીયરો તમને…

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પેન્સીલ થી લખાણ લખેલી ૨૦૦૦ ની નોટ.

વિચારોની હેરાફેરી (Exchange Of Thoughts)

તારીખ : ૩૦ ઑગસ્ટ ૨૦૧૭

કેમ છો??? હમણાથી આપણા બ્લોગમાં બહુ ગંભીર વાતો થઇ રહી છે ત્યારે મને આજે એક હાસ્ય પ્રસંગ કહેવાની ઇચ્છા થાય છે.

હમણા સોમવતી અમાસ પર હું ઘેર ગયેલો, સોમવતી અમાસ અમારા બ્રહ્મણો માટે બહુ મોટો પ્રસંગ કહેવાય. અમારા ગામ વઢવાણમાં સોમવતી અમાસ પર સ્વયંભુ ક્ષેમશંકર મહાદેવની નગરયાત્રા નીકળે. આ નગરયાત્રા માં જોડાવુ એ મુખ્ય ઉદેશ્ય હતો ઘેર જવાનો. નગરયાત્રામાં તો ખુબજ મસ્તી કરી અમે જેના ફોટોગ્રાફ્સ તમે અહીંયા જોઇ શકો છો.

પણ મારે તમને બીજા દિવસે મારી જોડે બનેલી ઘટનાની વાત કરવી છે. આગળના દિવસે ખુબજ મસ્તી કર્યા પછી બિજા દિવસે સવારે હું નવેક વાગ્યે તૈયાર થઇ ગયેલો. હું તૈયાર થઇને નીચે આવ્યો ત્યારે મને મારા પપ્પા એ એમની દવા લેવા સુરેંદ્રનગર જવા કહ્યુંં. વઢવાણ થી સુરેંદ્રનગર જવુ એ કોઇ મોટી વાત નથી પરંતુ હમણા અમારા ગામમાં ભ્રસ્ટાચારીઓ ની સંખ્યા વધી ગય છે માટે રસ્તા નો હાલ બેહાલ છે અને મને આ બધુ જોઇને કવિ…

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Partition – 70 years After 1947

Independence day article from across the border…

The Human Lens

So it is done. This August 2017 both India and Pakistan celebrated their birthdays to become 70-years old nations yet on both sides of the border somber realizations have emerged as to how far have we come really from the saga of Partition 1947. There is no denying that British India’s division was poorly planned and very brutally executed.

Nehru and Jinnah achieved debatable negotiations for our liberation from British colonizers and am told on good authority by survivors that public reaction was more of a cautious hope. The people of sub-continent were hopeful but hesitant too about their coming future.

It is outraging that British actively encouraged shoddy measures unleashing one of the worst calamities of the 20th century. The bloody sectarian ‘cleansing’ that took place is still denied across both sides of the border and still today Pakistanis and Indians refuse to take collective responsibility for our roles…

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Saluting These Brave Acid Attack Survivors

The Human Lens

The Human Lens brings a weekend edition to blow the readers minds away. Especially as you watch this video, witness how Pakistani acid attack victim women have emerged as strong survivors and despite societal backlash come out publicly as awe aspiring change agents and role models.

Meet their guru, local entrepreneur Mussarat Misbah of Depilex Smile Again Foundation speaking candidly on the issue.

The video contains sensitive video content of  many disfigured victims that today have found their space in society as self-reliant members. These and the many more survivors of acid attacks are the true heroes of Pakistan and join me in saluting them. 

All credits to: Videographer / Director: Fayyaz Adrees, Producer: Ruchika Hurria / Neha Routela / Aamir Bashir  and Editor: Sonia Estal

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DON’T SHUT INDIA DOWN – Prevent government to snatch your right of using Internet

Few months back, We were having a mobile Internet shut down in Gujarat due to Patidar Anamat Andolan. That wasn’t the first attempt of government to harass innocent citizen, We face such issues few more times in the past. I remember this incident because I posted an article on my blog about it and few of my friends had a brain storming session in the comments. We were thinking about preparing “Avedan Patra” for “Inertnet Mukti Andolan” but as usual we all got busy in our daily work and no one take that idea seriously. Today in one of the episode of “on air with AIB” dated 20/03/2017, I found that some one has already prepared a petition to prevent government from shutting down Internet for such a silly reason. Internet Freedom Foundation‘s ““, has taken the initiative to help all the citizen of India. So I am requesting all of you to sign the petition and let government know that how disturbing it is when they shut down our Internet.

Image Source:

Hadoop 1.2.1 Installation and Configuration on Multiple Nodes

There are few changes one has to make for multi-node setup from single node. First you need to complete single node setup up to DFS formatting step.

Mainly there are five steps to follow for multi-node setup from single node:


  1. SSH COPY ID to all nodes
  2. Configure masters and slaves
  4. Format DFS

Now I am going to explain this steps in detail:

Step-1 SSH COPY ID to all nodes:

From NAME NODE, We need to generate SSH KEY and distribute it to all the SLAVE NODES and also SECONDARY NAME NODE (if any)


ssh-copy-id -i $HOME/.ssh/ hadoop@coed159

here “hadoop” is an user name and “coed159” is a system name, which you need to change according to your setup.


Do the same for all DATA NODES and for SECONDARY NAME NODE (if any)

Check whether it is successfully copied or not

ssh coed159

it should not ask for password

Step-2 Configure masters and slaves:

We need to do it on NAME NODE alone (not on the DATA NODES and SECONDARY NAME NODE)



cd /usr/local/hadoop/conf

Find the two files: masters, and slaves


Slaves for DATA NODES


sudo nano /usr/local/hadoop/conf/masters

By default it contains ‘localhost’, Change it to the name of NAME NODE (i.e. coed161 in my case)

Ctrl + o to save


Ctrl + x to exit

sudo nano /usr/local/hadoop/conf/slaves

By default it contains ‘localhost’, Change it to contain names of all DATA NODES one per line, in my case





Ctrl + o to save


Ctrl + x to exit


go to SLAVES/SECONDARY NAME NODE and we need to make them point to the master


sudo nano /usr/local/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml

Check whether it is pointing to NAME NODE (i.e. coed161 in my case) in ‘FS.DEFAULT.NAME’, if it is pointing to localhost:10001, update localhost with coed161

Ctrl + o to save


Ctrl + x to exit

Same way for MAPRED-SITE.XML


sudo nano /usr/local/hadoop/conf/mapred-site.xml

Check whether it is pointing to the JOB TRACKER / NAME NODE (i.e. coed161, in my case)

If it is ‘localhost:10002’, update it as ‘coed161:10002’

Remove LOCAL HOST entries from /ETC/HOSTS file


sudo nano /etc/hosts

remove localhost and entries for

Step-4 Format DFS:

If converting the existing single node installation then you must delete the /USR/LOCAL/HADOOP/TMP and then create it again in all the nodes and then format it from NAME NODE alone. skip up to formatting steps if you haven’t formatted your HDFS with single node setup.


To remove directory:

sudo rm -r /usr/local/hadoop/tmp

Create tmp directory

sudo mkdir /usr/local/hadoop/tmp

Changing ownership of tmp as well as hadoop directory

sudo chown hadoop /usr/local/hadoop/tmp

sudo chown hadoop /usr/local/hadoop


hadoop namenode -format

Check for ‘name node successfully formatted’ message


To start hadoop cluster with multi-node, we have to run this command from NAME NODE and it starts respective services on all NODES



check each system separately to find specific JVMs running on them

Check number of live nodes in web GUI (it will take few minuets)

For any queries you can write in a comment or mail me at: “”

Courtesy: Mr. Anand Kumar, NIT, Trichy

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