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IPL 2018: 11th edition of cricket festival in India

Today, on April 7, 2018, The cricket festival in India is going to start. We will witness some extraordinary cricket action for 51 days with 60 matches to be played between 8 teams. IPL is one of the most successful cricket league in the world. Isn’t it? Many fans like me are waiting for this season as we are going to see two champions team be played again after two years. IPL auctions were also very interesting this year as many teams have left their superstars and other teams tried hard to get those stars and that’s the charm of IPL. It provides a huge platform for young Indian cricketers to show their talent. It also helped some veterans to get a place in their respective country team. It also provides bread and butter to many supporting staffs. Therefore, I believe it is worthy to watch and enjoy even if all the matches are fixed! Consider it as an entertainment rather than sports (just like WWE). I found some discussion related to which team is weak and which team is strong on platforms like Quora. I am also preparing such list every year for the fantasy league and support the team which has good match winning players, however, my prediction stands true only twice in last 10 years! Here is my ranking of the team with reasons:


Bhagat Singh – A Partition Hero for India and Pakistan

A tribute to Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru…
I very glad to know that, “A few days ago, Government of Pakistan decided to put on public display the case file from the trial of colonial-era freedom fighter Bhagat Singh at an exhibition in Lahore where he was executed”

The Human Lens

“If the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud. When we dropped the bomb, it was not our intention to kill anybody. We have bombed the British Government. The British must quit India and make her free.”

  Bhagat Singh as quoted in Awakening Indians to India. 

One of the most influential freedom fighters and opponents to the British colonial rule in United India, legendary Bhagat Singh is a name that lives in the hearts of millions of Indians and Pakistanis.

23 March 2017 marks the  87th death anniversary of this socialist revolutionary whose struggle for freedom of India from the barbaric British Raj was very different from the non violent movement led by Gandhi. It may be noted that many in Congress did not favor Bhagat Singh’s aspirations to rid India of its foreign rulers. 

In 1929, Bhagat Singh and his compatriots were implicated after a series of…

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Finance Bill 2018

વિચારોની હેરાફેરી (Exchange Of Thoughts)

Date: 19th March 2018
देशकी जनता और मीडिया गरीबी, भुखमरी, बेरोजगारी, जातिवाद जैसी समश्या पर गुमराह हो रही है तभी घंटो तक न्यूज़ मीडिया में बहस करते हमारे राजकीय नेता, आर्थीक बिल -2018 की जिसमे 218 अमेडमेंट्स और 2 बिल शामिल थे वो सिर्फ 30 मिनिटो में 13 मार्च 2018 को पास हो गए। और आश्चर्य की बात ये है कि कोई भी नेशनल मीडिया में इसकी बात नही हुई।
पर तभी थोड़े दिनों बाद युट्यूबर ध्रुव राठे की विडीओ आई जिसमे उन्होंने इस बिल की बोहोत सही तरीके से चर्चा की। उन्होंने भी बताया और सच भी है|इस बिल में Foreign Contribution Regulation Act ऐसा एक नियम इस बिल में बनाया गया| Foreign Contribution Regulation Act जिसके तहत अब विदेशी कंपनियां किसीभी तरह के खुलासे के बिना भारत के राजकीय पक्षो को फंड दे पाएगी। मतलब अब अगर भारत मे आन्तरयुद्ध या गृहयुद्ध करवाना आसान हो चुका है।
इसके पहले…

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देश कि बात बाद में कर…

વિચારોની હેરાફેરી (Exchange Of Thoughts)

Date: 1st Feb 2018

देश की बात बाद में कर,
पहेले घर महोल्ला और शहर साफ रख;
वो टोप पहेने या साडी,
तु अपनी नझर साफ रख।

दुसरो की बाते बाद में कर,
पहेले खुद के घर का ध्यान रख;
उसके चरीत्र पे उंगली बाद में कर,
पहेले खुद के चरीत्र का ख्याल रख।

विश्व शांति की बात बाद में कर,
पहेले अपने अंदर के शोर को शांत रख।
वो राष्ट्रवाद पे चिल्लाए या समाजवाद पे,
तु अपनी विचारधारा साफ रख।

अभिजीत महेता

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Is plastic bag ban for the environment or new way of earning for mega stores? – part 2

In continuation of my previous article titled, “Is plastic bag ban for the environment or new way of earning for mega stores?” which was a discussion about the loot going on in mall in the name of saving environment. I was delighted to see paper bags or cotton bags were given to the customers who doesn’t bring their own bags for shopping at malls in Udaipur, Rajasthan…..

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#Justice4Zainab – Stand Up Against Child Sexual Abuse

The Human Lens

Today we mourn the abrupt and chilling end of little Tainub Ansari that leaves many questions on the existing cruel indifference in our society on rape and child sexual abuse. A country where the numbers of such incidents keep rising; according to Sahil a non nongovernmental organization 11 cases of child sexual abuse are reported on a daily basis. 

What happened with little Zainub is a reminder to not only Pakistan but South Asia where sexual violence against girls and women in a norm accepted in society and in certain instances also having cultural approvals.

 is now trending, with every one demanding justice but still my question remains the same. Why we cannot protect our children and young people from falling victims to pedophiles, rapists and molesters? How many more little girls have to die in order for our conscience to wake up. When will we ever think along…

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Basics of Share market

Does and Don’t of Trading

Order in the chaos

There are some basic tips while trading the equities.

  1. Of course you are doing this to earn profit, but like profit, loss is also an aspect of trading. Have courage to accept the little losses so as to capitalize on the opportunity cost.
  2. Patience are always rewarded in share market. So don’t rush to sell a non moving value stock of course unless you need the money immediately or you have spotted a growth stock.
  3. Opportunity cost – This one is actually from economics or management, it is the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen. Choosing a stock is bit of difficult and after choosing one, if it fails to move and the left alternative starts to move, don’t switch your investment just for that reason. Else you will lose both momentum buses. Have patience. (This one behavior will discipline your decision making memory muscle which will also…

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All Men Are Rapists – #JusticeForZainab

The Human Lens

The recent shocking event where seven-year old girl Zainub Ansari was brutally raped, murdered and dumped in a trash can is not an a one-off incident in Pakistan a country well-known for its gross women rights abuses.

Days passed; local protesters in little Zainub’s home town Kasur and across the country are demanding justice from the State. Sadly, after her abduction, her family filed the report but the police could not recover her and in failing to do so, her little self was spared the horrific rape and strangulation to death.

A patriarchal nation of women haters what else can happen here. Events like these are a reminder on regular basis about our societal war against girl-child in Pakistan.  In the so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the heinous crime of rape and particularly child rape is a power game. It is dealt by both State and societal level in…

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#BridalUniform – End Child Marriage in Pakistan

The Human Lens


Child marriage is an archaic phenomenon existing across the world with Pakistan being no stranger to the concept of forced, early and child marriages – a socially acceptable norm.

Unfortunately, wide-spread illiteracy and poverty plays a central role in causing and perpetuating early marriage and marrying off girl children is considered a way to provide for a daughter’s future.

According to the global partnership Girls Not Brides, 21% of girls in Pakistan are married before the age of 18. And child marriage in Pakistan is connected with tradition, culture, and customary practices. Additionally, some feudal customs and traditions exist such as the transfer of money, settlement of debts or exchange of daughters sanctioned by Jirga (council of elders mostly male from the feudal communities).

Recently, UN Women Pakistan and fashion industry powerhouse Ali Xeeshan collaborated to produce the bold campaign, the #BridalUniform. During the recent wedding season, the local fashion industry held the

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