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DON’T SHUT INDIA DOWN – Prevent government to snatch your right of using Internet


Few months back, We were having a mobile Internet shut down in Gujarat due to Patidar Anamat Andolan. That wasn’t the first attempt of government to harass innocent citizen, We face such issues few more times in the past. I remember this incident because I posted an article on my blog about it and few of my friends had a brain storming session in the comments. We were thinking about preparing “Avedan Patra” for “Inertnet Mukti Andolan” but as usual we all got busy in our daily work and no one take that idea seriously. Today in one of the episode of “on air with AIB” dated 20/03/2017, I found that some one has already prepared a petition to prevent government from shutting down Internet for such a silly reason. Internet Freedom Foundation‘s ““, has taken the initiative to help all the citizen of India. So I am requesting all of you to sign the petition and let government know that how disturbing it is when they shut down our Internet.

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